Before your first appointment, talk to your general practitioner and request a referral. Most insurers require you to be referred by a general practitioner for specialist care. Therefore, you should liaise with your insurer in order to ensure that your policy will cover you fully for the consultation and any investigations needed.
Your first appointment with Professor Ray will be 30 minutes long.
You will be required to bring your insurance membership or policy number with you to the first appointment together with a pre-authorisation code or number if this has been issued to you by your insurer.
When you arrive at the hospital, our receptionist will direct you to Professor Ray’s office. During your appointment you will be asked to share a detailed medical history and undergo a thorough clinical examination. Depending on his initial assessment, Professor Ray might perform further investigations, including blood tests, X-rays, various types of scans, allergy testing, audiogram or tympanometry, and more.
BMI Thornbury Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to perform most of the investigations and give you immediate results. Should any of the specialised tests require you to travel to another hospital, we will make further arrangements on your behalf.
Any follow-up appointments will depend on your clinical requirements. These will vary in length. Our efforts will be geared towards completing your treatment efficiently, while keeping your best health interests in mind.
We are recognised by all major private medical insurers.
We are always happy to see patients who are uninsured and can provide details about costings and payment terms upon request.
Though we prefer patients to be referred by their general practitioner, occasionally we do make an exception for those who do not have the benefit of a referral letter.